FAVORITE THINGS (running): Yogitoes

Yogatoes TowelYoga what you ask? Well that was my first thought when I saw the name of the company who made these towels. If you don’t remember the name, you will remember the unusual towel if you try it out. I purchased this towel out of curiosity at a large sports store in the area to see what it was all about. The towel is a gorgeous purple color (comes in a variety of colors and larger sizes) and has little rubber dots spaced sequentially on one side. The beauty of these dots is that the towel will not move or slide when placed on a rubber surface. I found that this came in handy when lifting weights and placed my towel down to sit on a machine. Gravity did not move it an ounce. Nice. It also comes in handy when running on a treadmill. You won’t have to do the “chase my towel” as it zooms down the treadmill belt and behind you because the special yogitoes stick wonderfully to the display. It can also be used for placement on a yoga mat and won’t slide as well. Overall a good purchase for yogi’s and fitness buffs.

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