FAVORITE THINGS (kid fitness): Plasma car for kids

This is the Plasma car- one of the best inventions to keep kids exercising and moving. This is a ride-on toy that even many ADULTS can drive too with its large size! This car was a purchase by Grandma and Grandpa for my kids for their 2nd birthdays. It is a sleek car that drives by moving the handles back and forth-yes that’s right, it moves with the hands. No batteries needed. Although, you can also push with the legs as well and get it moving plenty fast. It works by special wheels on the bottom of the car. It also corners like a Ferrari. My kids love this car and will drive it around our kitchen island for their daily fun and they are so fast, I can no longer catch them. It should last them for many years due to the large size and the fact I can ride it too. So if you are looking for a great idea for a gift to enhance a child’s fitness level, arm and leg strength, balance, coordination and fun, consider purchasing one of these.

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