FAVORITE THINGS (running): Gatorade Prime G1

gatoradelogoRecently I have been looking for some products to extend my longer runs. We ‘ve been using G2 to refuel after our runs and so my husband purchased some of the pre-run fuel. It comes in a few flavors (orange and berry) and is designed to maximize the amount of carbohydrates needed for an athletic event. It primarily contains carbohydrates and B vitamins and is about 100 calories.

I tried it before one of my long runs. Overall the orange flavor was ok. I ran a long run and then proceeded to add on another mile later with the encouragement of my husband. Overall it was hard to tell if there was a substantial difference in this long run but I had the energy to get through the total workout. This would probably make a good pre-fuel if you find yourself with time constraints and need to fuel up or “eat” something quickly before a run but don’t tolerate solids or don’t have time for a meal.

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