FAVORITE THINGS (Running while pregnant): maternity belly support

Babies r us maternity support picExercise during pregnancy is recommended and is healthy for both the mom and the baby. And if you are a runner and looking for ways to continue this activity, good support is vital to keep your joints and ligaments protected. Provided it is OK’d by your doctor and you have been engaging in this exercise before becoming pregnant, it is possible to do as long as you feel comfortable and are having no problems. The key factor is how to stay comfortable as your belly expands and ligaments loosen.

I purchased the Babies ‘R’ Us seamless maternity support for work and also used it for running. Overall, it is fairly comfortable and provided the support my belly needed. The material is fairly thin and breathable and wraps around the entire belly in the front. It has a thicker band at the bottom and sides to help cradle and support the belly. The back did need to be readjusted (usually pulled down) after sitting in it, but it provided enough comfortable support to take the stress off of my back during moving during the day and running in my second trimester. I also had a Medela maternity support band from my previous twin pregnancy. I used this early on and when I couldn’t tolerate full coverage of my belly.

The type of support that is comfortable for running for you is going to be related to how and where you carry your baby and may take some trial and error. I carried the majority of my baby weight very out in front in my belly and my belly was mostly round shaped. There are other options out there that include:

Amon maternity supportThe Amon maternity support band (this looks like the Babies R’ Us support version),

Gabrialla Maternity supportThe Gabriella support band (support only under the belly if you don’t tolerate full belly coverage),

MTB2And the Mother-To-Be Maternity Support (this has a lower support panel and an upper support with a hole in the middle for some belly coverage). Good luck finding the one that works for you and happy running!

For more information on running and pregnancy, go to this page. For more information on returning to running after pregnancy, go here.


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