Happy New Year

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Welcome to the New Year! I just wanted to post some new available services from Total Running Performance and Fitness:

***Run-Baby-Run™ Program: a pregnancy and post-partum strengthening program to help runners and other athletes return to running after pregnancy. Comes with a personal return to running plan. This is a 5 phase individualized program for any runner or athlete who has specific core needs related to running. It includes:
Phase 1: Healing (and Holding):
This phase is all about letting your body heal and the transition to motherhood. You can perform most of these exercises from a few days after birth.
Phase 2: Return to Movement: Get your core repaired and prepared for returning to walking and running.
Phase 3: Walk/Run Phase: Your core is connected and protected and you are up and moving. Specialized running muscles are the focus.
Phase 4: Return to Running: You are challenging your core again with moderate level movements.
Phase 5: Building and Racing: Returning to competitive training and running.

And also for a limited time:

-***Starting JAN 1st, 2015, try a FREE month of e-coaching with me! Free weekly plan with weekly check-in for 4 weeks after initial session. (Gait analysis and Run-Baby-Run™ Program not included).


-Coaching for all runners by a Physical Therapist/ Coach/personal trainer.
-Video analysis for the runner (FREE basic analysis with any coaching!)
-personal INJURY PREVENTION plan
-running plans

-coaching in person, video, or by email (Totalrunningperformance@gmail.com)

– email me and schedule a FREE 30 minute coaching session to discuss your running goals.

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