Why try personal training with a licensed physical therapist?

Physical therapists have in depth and extensive knowledge about the muscles, nerves and bones, typical development from birth to old age , normal and abnormal movement and the injury process. They have knowledge in how to prevent injuries before they happen, as well as rehabilitation techniques. Having a professional analyze your unique movement and giving you your own unique exercise plan, you can expect to be participating more and rehabilitating less! Physical therapists are also uniquely qualified to work with children due to their extensive knowledge of typical development.

About me:

Andrea Henry, MS, PT, CPT has experience evaluating and coaching runners for the last 13 years and as a competitive/recreational track athlete for 25 years. She received her B.S. in Exercise and Sport Science from Colorado State University (minors in coaching, nutrition) and a M.S in Physical Therapy from Regis University, Denver, CO.

She competed at the Division I Level and is a previous school record holder in the heptathlon (sprints/mid-distance, hurdles, throws and jumps event) at CSU. She is ASEP coaching certified, an ACE certified personal trainer and has worked with bantam, high school, collegiate and post-collegiate athletes. Andrea also worked as a physical therapist at the student health center at Stanford University evaluating, treating and consulting with runners and other athletes.

Andrea has gained extensive knowledge of children’s typical physical development while working as a physical therapist at Easter Seals and California Children Services for the last 9 years. She strives to make fitness fun for kids. Andrea continues to work in the field of pediatric physical therapy also and is a mom of twins and a new baby.

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